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Cold FAid™ Kit

Cold FAid™ Kit

Cold FAid™ Kit


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Thank you for your interest in Cold FAid™. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept a new order at this time.  More kits will be available as of June 15, 2020.

Please revisit us then, and we will gladly prepare you for your next cold!

Be ready, so you can beat the cold virus sooner! Start this essential early and get results: shorter illness and less severe!

There is no cure for the common cold, but every cold needs a good strategy. Cold FAid™ comes with a research-based strategy, four over-the-counter medications and  a travel case.

The Cold FAid™ kit partners with our Cold FAid™ app. This app is the key to managing your recovery. App Notifications provide pop-up reminders of WHAT medications to take WHEN, while other app features supply information about when to seek additional pharmaceutical or medical care. The app's My Data connects you and your family/medical provider to a stored list of your daily symptoms and medications, if needed.

By treating symptoms early, Cold FAid™ is designed to reduce complications with a cold and is priced to be less than a visit to urgent care. We promise to deliver a ship-free (within our shipping zone), custom-boxed product perfect for a care package, graduation gift, or corporate promotional gift. Discounted subscriptions are coming soon.

When you buy this kit, a percentage of the proceeds go to support Families Fighting Flu, a national, non-profit, advocacy organization. It is dedicated to protecting lives by increasing awareness about the dangers of influenza and the critical importance of an annual flu vaccination for everyone age of 6 months and older. To learn more, please visit www.familiesfightingflu.org.



    Product Details

    Each Cold FAid™ kit prepares you for one cold.

    Product Details
    • Research-based Strategy

      Uses clinical studies to provide best practices for treating the common cold

      Studies from the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Cochrane Database are provided (visit Learn > Resources).
    • Zinc Lozenges

      Reduces the duration and severity of a cold when taken at the onset

      Zinc Gluconate is theorized to block the virus from attaching to a cell and multiplying within it.
    • Effective Medications

      Provides the right antihistamine, decongestant, and pain reliever to feel better

      Single-ingredient medications focus on treating active symptoms and avoid duplicate dosing.
    • Mobile App

      Is key to managing your recovery

      Notifications take the guessing out of medication use - know WHAT, WHEN and HOW to take, monitor your symptoms, detect early warning signs, and share your data with family/medical providers