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Seek medical care if you have: 
  • fever >101.3 ° F for more than 24 hours, rash
  • severe stiff neck, severe headache, mental confusion, blurred vision
  • pain in your sinuses or face 
  • pain in your ears, loss of hearing, discharge from your ears
  • chest pain, trouble breathing, coughing up blood, persistent daytime         cough  
  • tonsils in your throat with a white coating, choking sensation
  • abdominal/back pain, repeated vomiting, inability to urinate
  • swollen lymph node glands in your neck, groin or armpits
  • extreme tiredness, weakness, or muscle pain, especially if  > 1 week
  • any symptoms that seem unusual from your typical cold
  • unimproved symptoms after 1 week


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