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The Cold FAid® kit partners with the Cold FAid®  app to manage recovery.



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Currently, the mobile app is going through an upgrade process.      New versions will reintroduce the availability of iOS and Android modules:

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 Activate the Strategy:  Tap Let's Begin

Start your Cold FAid® strategy at the first sign of a cold.
Begin within 24-48 hours of the onset.
WHAT to take
Reminders for the four medications are ready to go. All are recommended, unless you have medical contraindications
(see medication Drug Facts labels). 
WHEN to take
Set your schedule. 
Select the time that you would like your first notification of the day, preferably when you get up in the morning. 
This will set your notification schedule for the next 3-7 days,
depending on how long you use the app for recovery. 
You can not change this set time for the duration of this cold episode.
Timing is based on 16 waking hours per day
& 8 (uninterrupted) sleep hours per day.
We recommended you take naps when possible
to get a cumulative total of 8-10 hours of rest
a day when recovering. Sleep is sanctioned with our strategy,
& you will not receive any notifications during your 8-hour rest. 
HOW to take 
Reminder directions include whether
to take with food/drink & any restrictions. 
Read the  'Drug Facts' labels on each medication
for a complete listing of side effects.
Tap "Take Medication" once you have consumed the medication.

Do not take a medication if 30 minutes
has passed since your reminder.  
Wait for your next medication reminder.
If you are traveling to another time zone,
do not rely on the app notifications.
Instead, use the strategy (on the insert or website)
to know WHEN & HOW to take medication.
      FAQ's in Menu>Help   

        See the sample timing of medications in the below Strategy chart.

          Deactivate the Strategy
          You are feeling better!
          If your symptoms have still not improved after one week,
          seek medical care. 
          Shop for your next Cold FAid® kit ...thank you for your business!


          Reactivate the Strategy with your next cold


          To reactivate your Cold FAid®  Strategy with your next cold:

          Tap 'Let's Begin' at the first sign of a cold.
          Reminders for all four medications will be ready to start.


          Click here with your mobile device