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The Cold FAid™ kit partners with the Cold FAid™ app to manage recovery.



Cold FAid™ App


Use the QR code provided in your kit or the Download button below.


  • Set Notifications to remind you WHAT to take WHEN. Notifications for all four medications, referred to as Standard Notifications on the app, are recommended (as long as you have no medical contraindications to taking any of these medications).
  • Preview the notification schedule of WHEN to take medication. Timing is based on a standard schedule: 8 am breakfast and 12 am bedtime.We recommended you take naps when possible to get a cumulative total of 8-10 hours of rest a day when recovering. Sleep is sanctioned with our Strategy, and you will not receive any notifications from midnight to 8 am.  
  • Preview the Symptom and Warning Sign Trackers. With these trackers, two questions greet you every morning.Question #1: What symptoms do I have today? Question #2: Do I have any of these concerning signs or symptoms? Use quick-click answers after viewing a listing of signs and symptoms. This helps to detect early warning signs.  If certain symptoms are evident, additional suggestions are provided.

Activate the Strategy

Tap the center of the Home screen at the first sign of a cold. REMEMBER: It is critical to start the Strategy within 24-48 hours of the onset of symptoms. 

  • Each morning will start with a Care Reminder (a tip of the day) at 8 am followed by the two questions regarding your signs and symptoms. Use quick-click answers for your responses. This is done once daily.  
  • Medication notifications include directions. Tap "Take" once you have consumed the medication.IMPORTANT: do not take a medication if one hour has passed since your notification. Wait for your next medication notification.If you are traveling to another time zone, do not rely on the app notifications. Instead, use the Strategy to know WHEN to take medication; follow the directions for how often to take the medication (dose frequency). 
  • The GPS locates nearby pharmacies or medical care, if needed. Scroll to find the category. If the GPS is not registering, scroll out of that selected category and then back to it, as this may reset the GPS.
  • Share Data provides the ability to email a listing of daily symptoms and medications to your medical provider or to family.  
  • Strategy Tracker shows your progress through the Strategy schedule. This tracker records your notifications. Again, IMPORTANT: if one hour has passed since notification, do not take the medication. When you are next notified to take it, consume the medication. To view the Strategy in its entirety, refer to the QR code on the bag or the package insert. 
  • Use Menu>Settings>Change Notifications to activate/deactivate medications (after Onboarding). To activate, slide the toggle right. To deactivate, slide the toggle left. Activate:  If you purchase additional specific medications to treat specific symptoms, activate Notifications in Menu>Settings>Change Notifications by sliding the toggle right. This is recommended for the following specific symptoms/specific medications: (1) specific symptom: dry, nighttime cough; specific medication: Guaifenesin ER 600 mg) and/or  (2) specific symptom: unimproved congestion after 48-hour use of the decongestant used in Cold FAid™; specific medication: REGULATED decongestant, Pseudoephedrine HCl ER 120 mg.  If you start taking the REGULATED decongestant Pseudoephedrine HCl ER, do not take the Decongestant Phenylephrine HCl. NOTE: if notifications for the REGULATED decongestant Pseudoephedrine HCl ER have been activated, the app disables notifications for the Decongestant Phenylephrine HCl.  Deactivate:  After Day 3, if a specific symptom has cleared, discontinue use of the medication treating that symptom. Deactivate the notification for that medication in Menu>Settings>Change Notifications. Select that medication and slide the toggle left. 
    • Use the Menu>Help for FAQ's.  

    See the sample timing of medications in the below Strategy chart.

        (Note: Finish the zinc lozenge prior to laying down at bedtime to avoid choking.)

        Deactivate the Strategy

        Tap the center of the Home screen once symptoms have cleared.

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        Reactivate your Cold FAid™ Strategy on the app, with your next cold: 

        • Tap the center of the Home screen at the first sign of a cold.
        • Standard Notifications for all 4 medications will be ready to go.
        • If you do not want notifications for all 4 medications, go to Menu>Settings>Change Medications. You will be notified of only the medications that you select. To activate notification, select medication and slide the toggle right. To deactivate notification, select medication and slide the toggle left. Submit.
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