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The Cold FAid™ kit couples with the Cold FAid™ app to manage recovery.


Conveniently Download the App

Use the QR code (provided on both the bottom of the kit's box or in your kit's insert),  


Use the Download button below


Activate the Strategy:  Let's Begin 

Slide the toggle to the right (toggle right) to start your Cold FAid™ strategy at the first sign of a cold. REMEMBER: It is critical to start the strategy within 24-48 hours of the onset of symptoms. 
Medication Notifications:
WHAT to take, WHEN to take, HOW to take 
WHAT to take
    By default, all four medications are activated initially. (Activation is indicated by the toggle positioned to the right.) Taking all four medications is recommended (as long as you have no medical contraindications to taking any of these medications).
    To deactivate, slide the toggle left (toggle left). For example: After Day 3, if a specific symptom has cleared, discontinue use. Deactivate Notifications of the medication-treating-that-symptom by selecting the medication-to-be-deactivated and toggle left. 
    To reactivate, toggle right.
    WHEN to take 
    Timing is based on a standard schedule of 16 waking hours per day. We recommended you take naps when possible to get a cumulative total of 8-10 hours of rest a day when recovering. Sleep is sanctioned with our strategy, and you will not receive any notifications during your designated 8 hour sleep time. 
    HOW to take 
    Medication directions include whether to take with or without food, what other foods/drink not to take with the medication, and main side effects.  For a more complete listing of side effects, see the package insert for each medication. For Notifications:
    • Tap "Taken" once you have consumed the medication.
    • MISSED DOSE NOTE: do not take a medication if one hour has passed since your notification. Wait for your next medication notification.
    • If you are traveling to another time zone, do not rely on the app notifications. Instead, use the insert strategy to know WHEN and HOW to take medication.
    My Symptoms and Warning Signs 
    Each day two questions greet you:
    Question #1: What symptoms are you experiencing today?Question #2: Are you experiencing these concerning symptoms?
    Use quick-click answers, after viewing a listing of symptoms. Your daily symptoms are recorded. This helps to detect early warning signs.  If certain symptoms are evident, additional suggestions are provided.        
    My Data
    The option to email a listing of daily symptoms and medications to your medical provider or to family is available.  
    FAQ's in Menu>Help   

      See the sample timing of medications in the below Strategy chart.

        Deactivate the Strategy: Congratulations, you are feeling better!

        To deactivate your Cold FAid strategy, toggle left once symptoms have cleared. 

        Shop for your next Cold FAid™ kit ...thank you for your business!


        Reactivate the Strategy 

        To reactivate your Cold FAid™ strategy, with your next cold: 

          • Toggle right to begin your Cold FAid strategy at the first sign of a cold.
          • Notifications for all four medications will be ready to go.

        If you do not want notifications for all four medications, go to Notifications. By default, all four medications will be activated. However, you control Notifications. To deactivate a notification, select a medication and toggle left.To reactivate a notification, select a medication and toggle right.  Submit.

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