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Be kind to your immune system!  It is your BEST defense against the common cold.

GET ZZZ’s     Rest 8 - 10 hours per day (combined hours of naps & nighttime sleep).  Sleep is theorized to produce more robust white blood cell activity to fight infection.      

BE MINDFUL     Consider yourself contagious for one week after onset. Remember to cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow, not in the direction of others. Then wash your hands. Wear a mask to protect others. 

WASH HANDS FREQUENTLY     Wash for 20 seconds with soap & water or use a 60%+ alcohol-based antiseptic gel.  Use bleach or alcohol wipes for surfaces; cold germs can live on counters for 3+ hours. 

DRINK .... (non-alcoholic fluids, that is)     Drink 8-10 servings of an 8 oz glass of water a day. (Drink 10 servings if you have a fever.) Hydration thins the mucus in the lungs/ nose & soothes the throat. Hot liquids may improve nasal & sinus congestion.

ENJOY CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP: “Mother knows best"     Remember your mom's remedy of chicken noodle soup for colds? She was right! Eat a well-balanced diet, including chicken broth. It contains a beneficial amino acid, cysteine. This fights inflammation in the upper respiratory system while hydrating & thinning mucus in the nose/ lungs.

RETURN TO EXERCISE WHEN TOLERATED     If you are missing your exercise routine, return to it gradually, once fever & "below the neck" symptoms (coughing, abdominal upset or discomfort, muscles aches) have cleared.  Reduce the exercise workout time & intensity. For example, instead of jogging, go for a walk. However, if tolerated, you may continue to exercise if you have only "above the neck" symptoms (typical nose, throat & sinus issues).

MOISTURIZE     Use petroleum jelly at the base of the nasal passages to relieve soreness with a runny nose.

HUMIDIFY     Use hot steam showers or a humidifier to help open sinuses & ease sinus pressure.

SLEEP WITH YOUR HEAD UP     If you experience coughing when laying down, use 3-4 pillows to prop your head up.


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