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You are a college student now!

You are a college student now!

Congrats! You’re a college student…now what?

College can be a difficult transition for students. You’re in a new place, away from your family, and tasked with making new friends, acclimating to a whole different lifestyle, and succeeding academically. While change can be tough, here are some tips and tricks to help you tackle this school year!

Be confident 

Whether it is your first or last year of college, being confident in yourself and your accomplishments is essential. College provides a platform for you to make new friends and network. These can lead to personal opportunities now and career later on down the line. Be yourself and show the world how awesome you are. Reach out to new people. Sitting next to someone on the bus to class? Instead of listening to Taylor Swift or Post Malone, meet someone new. Here’s a challenge- say hello to one new person everyday. This pushes you to go outside of your comfort zone. You never know where the relationship could go. Hold your head up high! 

Work hard 

College is the time to work hard. Staying organized and on top of assignments is essential for success. This is a great chance to learn how to balance school work, jobs, and other responsibilities. Writing down to-do lists or organizing tasks on calendars can be beneficial. Google calendar can be an awesome e-calendar, or buy a physical calendar for your dorm room. After coming up with a list of what needs to be accomplished, find an area of campus where you feel comfortable and focused. Turn on a studying playlist and get to  work! 

Stay healthy

Staying healthy is key for staying on top of due dates and commitments. Consistently getting 8-10 hours of sleep helps your body reset. Take a break  from studying to go exercise. There are lots of good options, like taking a long walk or run around campus, hitting up the campus gym, or participating in group workout classes. Lastly, at the first sign of a cold, use Cold FAid™. Here’s why:

  • Cold FAid™ uses a research-based strategy and 4 over-the-counter medications to lessen the duration and severity of your cold.
  • You won’t have to frequent the pharmacy because this kit is equipped with everything you need to go to battle. You will be able to target all of the major cold symptoms, like sore throat, congestion, sneezing, and muscle aches. 
  • The Cold FAid app helps you manage what medications to take and when. It also enables you to track your symptoms, any warning signs, and has navigation to help you find the nearest student health/urgent care center, if needed.

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