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Vaccinate Your Family and Families Fighting Flu

Vaccinate Your Family and Families Fighting Flu

Vaccinations are a hot topic currently. Between the COVID-19 and the flu vaccine, many people have opinions about whether to get vaccinated or not. Organizations like Vaccinate Your Family and Families Fighting Flu are actively working to educate others on the importance of vaccines. 

Vaccinate Your Family (VYF) is an organization focused on emphasizing the importance of receiving vaccinations. Their website and national campaigns provide an extensive amount of resources to educate the public. According to their website, vaccines aid in preventing disease, protecting unvaccinated people from diseases, and saving money from medical expenses. This results in saving millions of people. Often with discussions about vaccines, there is a focus on community and how it protects others. On this platform, along with community mindedness, the economic picture speaks to us as well; as the saying goes, money talks. As you will appreciate, the impact can be so alarming it seems ‘deafening’! The United States has saved approximately $406 billion in medical costs and $1.88 trillion in society costs from 1994 and 2018 thanks to vaccinations according to the CDC

Families Fighting Flu (FFF) is an organization that is driven to increase awareness around the severity of the flu and ways to fight it. They honor loved ones who have died from the flu by raising consciousness about this vaccine-preventable illness. One of their big campaigns focuses on  increasing flu vaccinations. The flu shot is an essential way to prevent the spread of the flu, to reduce an influx of flu in hospitals, to minimize the chance of getting serious illnesses from the flu, and to decrease the likelihood of hospitalization or death from the flu. On their website, you can write a promise to get the vaccine. You will receive reminder notifications. 

With more people traveling and being in groups, the chance of illnesses spreading is higher. The importance of getting the flu and COVID-19 vaccine is essential. We, at Cold FAid®, hope that you and your family get vaxxed and stay healthy this fall!  


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