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Within days, it will be November 28, Thanksgiving Day, a time to think about thankfulness. Even when times are hard, it is important to take a step back and reflect on everything that is going well. Maybe your health is currently good or you have a solid support system. Find your silver linings. Be grateful, and let go of things that are beyond your control. This promotes happiness, health and, of course, sleep.


Not everyone shows their thankfulness in the same way. Here are a few ways to foster gratitude.


-Set aside 5 minutes 

Start out by saving 3-5 minutes a day or week to be mindful of ways you are grateful. This could be while you’re brushing your teeth, sitting in traffic, cooking dinner, or laying in bed. Did you legs carry you through a 5-mile run? Who supported you during school or work today? What went well this past week? Thinking through these things will help you relax and continuously look for the positive things around you.


-Gratitude journal 

There are several ways that you can journal gratitude. You can write one object, action, person or whatever else that you’re grateful for daily. Another step could be writing three things you are grateful for weekly. There are great benefits to writing down experiences. Here is a blog post [a]that provides an email of a gratitude journal with weekly gratitude lists and goals for the next week.


-Notes of thanks 

Cognitively recognizing thanks is essential. Every month, let one person know why you’re thankful for them. Provide them with a specific example of why you appreciate them. This will make you more aware of how others are assisting you daily and it will make others feel good.


-Talk to others

Discuss your feelings with others. Ask others about what is going well in their lives. Talk about failures that you’ve had. Can anything be learned from these? Crying can also help you let go of difficult things. Talking to others can significantly help you process what is happening in your life.


At Cold FAid, we are thankful for everything that has occurred in the past year. We are thankful for our dedicated founder who continues to advocate for others’ health. We are thankful for our awesome team that have helped create and run Cold FAid. Last, but not least, we are SO thankful for our customers and followers who continue to support Cold FAid. Gotta have our Cold FAid!


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