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Thank You, Veterans

Thank You, Veterans

Veterans Day is on November 11th. Please take time to honor Veterans and their families. Use this day to say ‘thank you’.  

Memorial Day and Veterans Day can be confused by some Americans. The Department of Defense clears up some common misconceptions about Veterans Day. Memorial Day provides us with an opportunity to honor those who have lost their lives serving our country, while Veterans Day is an opportunity to thank living military members. Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day, the day World War I ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. In 1954, Congress changed the declaration from Armistice day to Veterans Day to honor all veterans from World War II and the Korean War. After debate over when to celebrate it, President Gerald Ford signed a law making November 11 a federal holiday, Veterans Day. 

Honoring Veterans while following CDC guidelines may be different than other years. Here are some suggestions for ways to celebrate veterans. MilitaryBenefits.info has compiled a list of in person and virtual events happening to honor veterans. Recognize and listen to veterans. With permission, help to share their story. Support veterans families to thank them for their commitment through a social distant get together, gifts, or recognition. Volunteering for veterans service organizations also supports service members and their families. There is no shortage of positive organizations making a difference in their lives. If you are a veteran or active duty member, here are discounts and deals compiled by Military.com.

We, at Cold FAid, want to thank all veteran and active duty members for their service. Your bravery has continued to support freedoms and liberties in the United States. We are grateful to you for your sacrifices and dedication to our country.  


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