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Thank you, Mothers!

Thank you, Mothers!

Mother’s Day was started in the early 1900’s by a Philadelphia copywriter named Anna Javis as a tribute to her own mother, Ann. According to Time magazine, Anna founded mother’s day to commemorate mothers for their “matchless service” in all aspects of life. Anna had wanted the day to allow mothers to come together and help less fortunate mothers. After Ann’s passing, Anna led the national charge, but switched the messaging to honor one’s own mother instead. Take a moment to recognize and appreciate the motherly figures in your life on May 9th for their hard work. If you need ideas, here are some suggestions. 

Consider celebrating outside! While COVID case numbers are dropping in the United States and more people have been vaccinated, restrictions are being lifted allowing for more gatherings to occur. Continuing to remain safe and to follow protocols this Mother’s Day is essential in helping us move to a more normalized summer. If you are gathering with others outside your household who have not been vaccinated, take advantage of the springtime weather and meet outside. 

If you are far away from your mother, calling or scheduling a video chat will bring her joy and bring you closer. Sending a card or flowers can also brighten her day! Who doesn’t love dessert? Contact a local bakery and inquire about having a sweet treat delivered. This blog from Parade also lists 30 ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day. If possible, support small, asian-owned, or black-owned businesses if sending something. Browse thousands of businesses using these resources:  Black- Owned Businesses Directory, Support Block-Owned Businesses: 181 Places to Start Online, or 40+ Asian- Owned Businesses to Shop

This Mother’s Day, we are honoring Cold FAid®’s founder, Julie Dickens. She began this business venture as a way to help others, including mothers, take charge of their and their older childrens’ health by fighting colds faster and more efficiently. This product has eased the minds of many parents, especially those with students in college. Thank you for all you do! 

Happy Mother’s Day from our team at Cold FAid®!


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