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Start the School Year Strong

Start the School Year Strong

With the end of August, the start of the school year is a great time to start routines to better your mental health, physical health and productivity. This will aid your ability to persevere throughout your semester while staying emotionally and physically healthy. 

Prioritizing Mental Health: Mental health has been a major topic throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Living mindfully throughout taking time to relax and breathe can support this. Eating mindfully by consciously thinking while eating can help your body from overindulging. Minimizing screens can support this. Additionally, looking into mindfulness apps can aid your de-stressing. 

Minimizing screen time: Due to living in a virtual world, screens are essential for day to day activity either through work or school. The website, The Minimalist, suggests taking a day to be screenless. They suggest three options- Social media fast by avoiding social media all day, digital downtime through avoiding all computer screens, or distancing from screens entirely. By going screenless, you will have a chance to stop for a moment and embrace everyday life. 

Crafting Goals: At the beginning of the semester, create SMART goals. Mindtools describes SMART goals as specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. SMART goals aid your accountability to reach them. Make goals for a week, month or semester from now and check in throughout that time period to see how your progress towards the goal. When crafting the goal, make sure that you are focusing on something within your power that does not rely on other people in order to complete it. 

Staying Active:  Prioritize health this semester. Throughout eating well and exercising several times a week, your body will be able to better handle the day to day stressors. Additionally, exercise helps your brain feel refreshed. Take a walk around campus, go to the campus gym, or try a new exercise class. This will provide you with a break from studying and aid your brain’s productivity.

Supporting your immune health: With the coronavirus’ Delta variant running rampant, it is essential to stay alert with your health to avoid sickness. Getting vaccinated,  wearing masks in public places, handwashing frequently, and monitoring your health daily can be beneficial in the fight against COVID-19 according to the CDC. College campuses are known for high rates of colds and flus as well. At the first signs of a cold, use your Cold FAid® kit to minimize duration and severity. In conjunction with reminders from the Cold FAid® app, the kit provides you with medications and helpful information regarding the use of the over-the-counter medicines. 

Stay emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy to start this school year right! 


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