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Spring into Activity

Spring into Activity

April showers bring May flowers and, with that, warmer weather. Being active outside is a great way to improve your mental health and stay fit! This can lead to greater overall happiness. Instead of dreading physical activity as an obligation to check off, incorporate it into your daily health and wellness routine. Here are some suggestions for remaining active this spring. 

Physical exercise is a key aspect of living a healthy life. Walking, running, and hiking are three common ways to exercise in warmer weather. In addition to increasing your heart rate and burning calories, these activities allow for exploring nature and socializing with friends. Find new areas to traverse using apps or websites like AllTrails. Biking is another social activity that also includes numerous health benefits. To start, since your weight is primarily on your pelvis, biking is easier on your joints. Like all aerobic workouts, pedaling causes endorphins to be released while building muscle and bone. Engage in any of these activities to move your body and talk socially. 

Sports offered by local parks and recreation departments or other companies are a great way to stay moving and meet others. Join a beginners group or a competitive league. Learn a new sport like pickleball or stick to a familiar one. Swimming is another low impact sport that has numerous benefits, including toning muscles and building strength. Regardless of what you choose, consistently engage in these activities to maintain physical and mental strength.

This spring, get a head start on the day and leave time for a morning walk or yoga routine. This can help clear your mind and prepare you for the day ahead. If possible, take a 20-25 minute walk during your lunch break to rest your mind before you conquer the rest of the day. Finish out the evening with a jog, bike ride, or walk. When consistently implemented over time, you will start to notice increased energy levels throughout the day, decreased stress, improved mental clarity and strengthened overall health.

If a cold tries to interfere with your routine, fight it off fast and regain your health with Cold FAid®. We hope you stay active and healthy this spring! 


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