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Safely Celebrating the Holidays

Safely Celebrating the Holidays

With witches, warlocks, and bats running amuck, the number of Coronavirus cases and hospitalization rates are increasing as well. This New York Times article states ‘Coronavirus fatigue’, universities, and events as a major source for transmission. While aspects may look different than last year, continuing to celebrate Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos is important.

The CDC Holiday guidance outlines low, medium and high risk activities. Trick or treating is deemed a high risk, especially in areas of high ongoing community spread. The NY Times discusses the major concern with trick or treating is face to face contact. Good Housekeeping advises leaving candy in a bowl outside or individually wrapped bags. Suggestions include recommending children wear gloves, a mask, and have quick access to hand sanitizer. If one is trick or treating, make sure to stay in your same neighborhood and only travel with a small group. While trick or treating falls under high risk, there are many other fun filled tasks that would continue the Halloween festivities. The CDC recommends carving pumpkins, decorating your living space, Halloween-themed scavenger hunts, movie nights, and virtual costume contests. This article from Good Housekeeping offers other ideas for a socially distant Halloween celebration. 

Dia de los Muertos, or day of the dead, is a holiday in which respects are paid by the living to the dead. The CDC recommends having celebrations with your household, decorating altars and masks, and making traditional recipes for others. Virtual celebrations are also recommended. Outdoor gatherings and visiting graves of loved ones offer a moderate risk. If hosting an outdoor gathering, check out this resource from the CDC with precautions to keep others safe. High risk activities include having large, indoor celebrations. 

While holidays provide something to look forward to, make sure to continue to stay alert and proactive to limit the spread of coronavirus in your community. Here, at Cold FAid, we wish you a happy and healthy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos! 



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