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Safely celebrating December Holidays

Safely celebrating December Holidays

 With December holidays right around the corner, for some, hope, promise, and celebration is in the air. While many commemorations will be happening this month, it is important that we continue to carry on with COVID-19 safety precautions when seeing others.

Shopping for friends and family

Giving gifts is one way to show someone you care. Stores will be bustling with holiday shoppers this December. When shopping this holiday season, choose to shop online. If you need to go into stores, make sure to wear your mask, to use hand sanitizer, and to stay 6 feet apart from other customers. In a year where small businesses have been significantly impacted by regulations to control coronavirus, support small and black owned businesses. Browse thousands of black-owned businesses using the Official Black Wall Street directory and Support Block-Owned Businesses: 181 Places to Start Online. At a time when seeing family members can be difficult, give the promise of time spent together. For example, for a parent of working adults, consider gifting paid time off to memories together some time in 2021. 

Gathering with loved ones 

While many cherish memories spent around the holidays, be weary of getting together with others. The number of coronavirus cases is rising by the day and most of the United States is a hot spot. Continue to limit the amount of exposure to others outside your household, especially when you are not wearing a mask. When hosting a gathering, take a look at these considerations from the CDC. Decisions regarding what is the safest option for yourself as well as friends and families. Be honest about your concerns if invited to an event during this unprecedented time. If you are experiencing stress this holiday season, explore the recommendations from the CDC regarding ways to cope. 

While many are experiencing pandemic fatigue, remember this silver lining: the end of coronavirus as a pandemic is in sight. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the United States, stated on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that vaccines will likely be available to health care workers as well as residential care residents and staff by the end of December. Until then, continue to stay vigilant and safe this holiday season to protect yourself and loved ones. 

Happy Holidays from your Cold FAid® team!


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