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Ready or Not: Here Come Finals

Ready or Not: Here Come Finals

The end of the semester is near, and that means it’s time for finals. Between studying for exams and preparing for the holidays, there are many items on the to do list but little time. Here are suggestions to stay sane and healthy. 


Feel like mindfulness is just a trend? Living mindfully on a consistent basis can aid your productivity during stressful times. Take five minutes to relax and breathe. This lets your body reset. When eating, make sure to be conscious about eating enough to help your body rather than overindulging due to stress. Explore these tips for managing stress through mindfulness during finals. These apps may also aid your de-stressing. 

Drinking the important stuff 

While alcohol and caffeine seem tempting during high stress times, water and herbal tea are your best options. Caffeine and stress increase cortisol levels. This can lead to damaging long-term effects. Small amounts of caffeine can help to elevate moods and effectiveness, but don’t overdo it. Water hydrates your body and ensures all your body systems are working appropriately. While the amount of caffeine contained in tea and coffee varies based on how it is prepared, tea provides nutrients to nourish your body. Learn more about caffeine content in various types of coffee, tea, and soda. 


With limited hours in the day, cutting out exercise can seem like the only option to get everything accomplished. Prioritize your body and take 30 minutes to move. This will not only help your body systems, but it will also help your brain feel refreshed and ready to study afterwards. Take a walk around campus, go to the campus gym, or try a new exercise class. This will provide you with a break from studying and aid your brain’s productivity. Here are a list of 12 exercises you could do while studying. 

When a cold attacks...

If all else stress overwhelms and germs invade, Cold FAid is here to help your body fight it off as quickly as possible. Four over-the-counter medicines provide your body with support to defeat a cold as quickly as possible using a research-based strategy. The Cold FAid app pairs with the medication to provide daily symptom tracking, medication reminders, and directions to your nearest pharmacy, urgent care, or student health center. Let Cold FAid help you eliminate your cold, so that you can ace finals. 


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