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Physical Exercise Benefits

Physical Exercise Benefits

Physical exercise is extremely important for your health. While often associated with managing weight, there are numerous other benefits to incorporating physical activity into your day. Moderate to intense amounts of exercise are safe for most people. By incorporating exercise in your life, you may notice a difference in your overall health, energy, viewpoint, and effectiveness with life. Additionally, physical activity helps with mental health and supports better sleep. 

Immediately after engaging in an activity, improved thinking, learning, and short-term anxieties will lessen. Exercise benefits your brain as well as mental health in many ways. Here is Help Guide’s complete list of the positive effects exercise has on mental health. Consistently participating in moderate to high intensity workouts has been found to have aided with treating depression, ADHD, and anxiety in particular. For example, Harvard researchers completed a study comparing exercise and the risk of depressive episodes. They found that it reduced the risk of major depression by 17% if the patient was participating in high-intensity forms of exercise for four hours per week. 

Exercise makes a significant difference in your heart’s health. In order to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and some cancers, exercise is essential. Movement has also reduced blood pressure and cholesterol. The CDC mentions that, when participating in aerobic activities for about 150 minutes a week, results can be seen. The greater the amount of physical activity, the lower the risk becomes. In addition to heart health, exercise is essential to protecting bones, joins, and muscles. Engaging in aerobic exercising can minimize the risk of hip fracture, slow bone density loss, treat arthritis and rheumatic conditions, and reduce the risk of being injured from falls as an older adult. Lifting weights is an example of a muscle strengthening activity that can help strengthen muscle mass and stability.

While COVID-19 has added additional challenges to our lives, continuing to engage in physical activity is essential. The CDC recommends encouraging family play time and incorporating games where everyone stays active. Continuing to be on top of chores, like vacuuming or mowing, is another way to keep active. Find opportunities to go outside and remain active. Continue to remain social distanced from others outside of your household and wear masks if unable to maintain 6 feet apart. While watching television, energize your body by doing jumping jacks or push-ups. For other physical activity break ideas, check out these resources by the CDC.

At Cold FAid®, we hope you and your family continue to stay active and healthy this winter! 


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