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Pandemic Ready Vacation Plans

Pandemic Ready Vacation Plans

The global pandemic has altered many summer plans. After quarantining for months, people are looking for escapes to find excitement or possibly relaxation. As the number of COVID cases continue to rise, many are particularly looking for ways to travel safely. ‘Safecations’ provide new experiences while limiting exposure. 

Planning ahead and following precautions optimizes vacations from a beach trip to rafting.  Before going, make sure to consider a few questions: Is this essential travel? How much exposure to the virus could I be getting? Who will I be coming in contact with? How can I protect myself? In this article from the New York Times, several of their writers describe their altered summer vacations. Beaches and outdoor pools are great ways to stay cool. In these environments, continue to stay 6 feet apart from others to limit transmission. Chlorine also aids in killing the virus in pools. Camping may seem like a good option to stay away from others. If you choose to camp, avoid close contact with others as well as public facilities. Check ahead of time to ensure that the public park is open before going as some may be closed due to the pandemic. 

 The Today show has compiled a list of suggestions to stay safe on vacations this summer based on where you are going or how you are traveling. When traveling by plane, check out how the airline is keeping you safe ahead of time and follow recommendations. This Wall Street Journal article dives into air travel. Wearing a mask except when eating and drinking, sanitizing surfaces, and staying 6 feet apart when possible will help to lower your chances of exposure. According to this NPR article, the window seat may also be the best option as passengers are less likely to get up. The AARP lists suggestions for staying safe while driving. Thinking ahead is key. Before you leave, you may want to have your car serviced or inspected to ensure good condition. When driving to a destination, pack food and drinks with you in order to limit the number of stops needed. Pay with a card at gas stations to limit exposure. When using restrooms, wash your hands well and avoid touching surfaces when possible. Obtaining food through a drive-through or curbside pick up will also help to protect you. If staying overnight at a hotel, look into their cleaning procedures. You may want to bring your own sanitizing supplies as well. 

Make sure to check state travel restrictions. Many states are requiring a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. Remember it is essential to continue following the CDC recommendations in order to prevent sickness.

We, at Cold FAid™, hope you have a safe and refreshing vacation this summer! 


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