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New Year, New Resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions

The ball has dropped and 2020 has officially begun. After reflecting upon the previous year, a new year brings the promise of changes, new adventures, and new challenges ahead. As the semester starts, make sure to consider future goals as well.


Whether it lasts a semester or a summer, internships are a great way to obtain work experience. This can also provide you with an idea of whether or not you want to work in that business. Create a broad interest list of companies and jobs. This will help narrow down how many places you’ll apply to. If possible, reach out to your college’s career center and attend job fairs. Network when at these events in order to make connections. Impress an interviewer by taking into account these suggestions

Jobs or graduate school 

April showers bring May graduation. With all of your academic work behind you, it is time to find employment. Creating a resume that highlights your skills and experiences is essential to finding the right job. Networking may be necessary to obtain a well-rounded view of the company. If you are pursuing a graduate degree, reach out to programs in your areas of interest. Learn about the programs and see which are the best fit. Find out the average score for standardized tests to provide a goal for studying.


Traveling provides opportunities to learn about other cultures. While some people may have the opportunity to travel abroad, observing other areas of the U.S. can provide beautiful views, historical sites, and other lifestyles. Checking out camping sites, hostels, or home/apartment rental sites may provide more inexpensive options when traveling. In order to be prepared for all the germs on airplanes, bring your Cold FAid kit along! This packet contains four over the counter medicines that will help you to feel better as quickly as possible. In addition, you can use the Cold FAid app to manage symptoms, to receive reminders about taking medicine, and to find the closest urgent care. 

We’re looking forward to all that will come in 2020! 


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