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New Year, New Perspectives

New Year, New Perspectives

Starting 2020, the promise of a new decade filled many with hope. 2020 was a year unlike any within our lifetime. This year has been filled with tragedy, social distancing, and time away from others. The pandemic uprooted daily lives, left trauma and anxiety, as well as exposed many inequalities within our society. Apart from the virus, numerous wildfires ravaged Australia and California; Black Lives Matter made many Americans look closer at inequalities and begin their journey to be anti racist; and the Presidential election topped news coverage. While this year has finished its mark on history, a new year provides a chance to build on the lessons learned and a renewed chance to move forward. To take advantage of this new chapter, here are some suggestions. 

Reflection- Think about this previous year. Being thrown into new work routines, new procedures in stores, alternative exercise procedures, and different outlets for socializing can make a significant impact. Explore how you reacted to the changes. When evaluating, address if there are any changes that need to be made to make you even more effective. If you are interested in writing your reflection, here are prompts from the NY Times. Also, Institute of You has crafted a list of questions to aid in reviewing the year and looking ahead at 2021. 

Goals- After reflection, craft goals in order to help focus any changes that you want to make in the new year. When creating goals, measurability is key. Make sure the goal is reasonable for you to reach. Also consider, how will you determine if you met the goal? Provide yourself with a deadline as well. This will provide you with opportunities to check in and stay on track to reach it. Writing goals down helps one follow through with them. If you are having difficulty thinking of goals, explore coaching-online.org's blog on Setting Goals for 2021. 

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From all of us at Cold FAid®, Happy New Year! 


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