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It's time to listen and learn.

It's time to listen and learn.

Systemic racism has been woven into the foundation of the United States for hundreds of years. Numerous incidents in the past few months have inspired protests to enact change. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are two, of so many, Black people who have died as a result of police brutality. Now is the time to support Black lives in a variety of ways. As a white woman run company, this article is going to focus on ways that white people can help support the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Educate Yourself 

While we cannot change what has happened historically, we need to learn about the past and make changes to help support the future generations. This 4 minute video by act.tv helps to visualize how systemic racism impacts individuals.

Listen. Take the time to truly listen to others' experiences. Create a list of topics that you are interested in learning more about. Explore multiple sources on the topic, and take the time to dive into it. If you are active on social media, amplify black people’s voices to help spread their experiences as well as educational resources. 

Read books about racism and white privilege. Here are book options recommended by Black professors and scholars compiled by Business insider. If you would prefer to watch a movie delving into these topics, here is a list of movies as well as children’s books, scholarly articles, and websites gathered by Forbes. Warner Brothers has also released the movie Just Mercy, a true courtroom drama that relates to the injustice in the legal system, on YouTube, ITunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play for free during the month of June. 

If there are young children in your life, here are resources from PBS to aid conversations about race. 

By educating yourself, you may feel more confident in calling out others. Teaching Tolerance has created a six step plan to speaking up. Be prepared, point out the behavior, pertain to their better instincts, draw a line for yourself, find a support group of like minded people, and continue to speak up as it will take time. 


Whether you have the means to donate or not, you can make your voice heard by financially supporting different activist groups. Charity Navigator created a list of highly rated civil rights organizations in which to donate. Here is another resource by the Los Angeles Times that can be beneficial when deciding what charity to support. If you do not have the finances to donate, watch this YouTube video without skipping ads. All proceeds are going to organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Support Black businesses near you. The website, Support Black Owned, can help you find Black owned businesses near you.

For other resources, explore the article, 100 ways you can take action against racism now, compiled by USA Today. 

It is time to recognize racism in American and to take active steps to enact change. We, at Cold FAid™, stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. We strive to listen. We look to educate ourselves and others.


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