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Is it a cold or COVID-19?

Is it a cold or COVID-19?

With less restrictions and more people traveling this holiday season, many are beginning to feel stuffy noses, mild coughs, sore throats, along with other symptoms. When this occurs, it can be difficult to discern - is it a cold or COVID-19? Both are viruses, but SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID-19 and rhinovirus is the most prevalent virus bringing on the common cold. While both viruses have similar symptoms, there are some differences. Symptoms for COVID-19 can start between two and fourteen days after exposure and symptoms for the common cold appear one to three days after. If you are concerned that you have COVID-19, it is always best to get a COVID-19 PCR test to be sure. 

Thanks to vaccinations, COVID-19 symptoms are showing up as milder. However, this has made it much more difficult to tell the difference between a cold and coronavirus. The Mayo Clinic has created this visual noting which ailments are most and least common for COVID-19 and the common cold. Both viruses often are accompanied by coughs, sore throats, and runny or stuffy noses. One major difference between the two viruses is that there can be gastrointestinal signs such as diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting with coronavirus. This never occurs with a common cold.  

The National Health Service (NHS) has identified 3 main symptoms to help with differentiation: high temperature, new or worsened cough, and loss of taste or smell. If you have one of these symptoms, one should get a PCR test immediately, which gets sent to the lab. If you find out that you have been around someone who has tested positive, get tested for COVID-19 at least 4 days after the exposure to get an accurate test result. 

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