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Have a safe St. Patrick’s Day!

Have a safe St. Patrick’s Day!

One day a year, beers around the United States turn green and leprechauns come out to play. St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with partying and wearing green on college campuses. When drinking green beer and eating chocolate coins, staying safe is key- don’t drink and drive. 

Drinking and driving endangers yourself, others in your car, and additional vehicles on your own. While it may seem easiest at the time, driving while intoxicated can end in injuries or death. The CDC provides statistics about fatalities due to driving under the influence from each state. In New York, the CDC reports that 3,752 people died due to crashes involving drunk drivers between 2003 and 2012. 

Before going out, choose a designated driver. This person can bring a fun, nonalcoholic drink as a treat, so they are not tempted. If everyone would like to indulge, Juno, Lyft, Uber, taxis, and other lift services are a great way to safely make it home. Split the cost between friends. This economical and safe option is a great way to have a fun night out. 

When drinking alcohol, make good decisions to stay safe. To have the most control over how alcohol affects your body, eat hearty food and drink water.  When consuming alcohol on an empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed more quickly. This impacts how quickly you get drunk. Keep track of how much you are drinking in order to keep you hydrated. For each alcoholic beverage, drink a glass of water.  The University of Missouri provides this outline of how blood alcohol. 

Make this St. Patrick’s day lucky by being safe and having fun! Here at Cold FAid, we wish the “luck o' the Irish to Ya” in 2020!


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