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Flu Season

Flu Season

With fall right around the corner, flu season is shortly behind. Flu season often begins in late fall and continues throughout the winter often hitting a peak during January and February. Families Fighting Flu is an organization that is dedicated to increasing education regarding the flu in order to decrease the number of flu-related hospitalizations and to save other’s lives. To prevent the flu, they recommend getting vaccinated, washing hands regularly, coughing into elbows, avoiding touching your face, and disinfecting surfaces often.  

Between COVID-19 and the flu, the Washington Post reports that experts are urging Americans to attain the flu vaccine. The CDC states that the best line of defense against the flu is receiving a flu shot annually. Each year, researchers create the vaccine composed of four different flu viruses. The benefits of the vaccine include keeping you from getting sick and reducing risk of hospitalization for other flu-related illnesses. Once given to a patient, the flu vaccine takes about two weeks to create antibodies within one's body. Therefore, the CDC recommends receiving the vaccine by the end of October. Flu shots are available at most pharmacies and doctors offices. Many pharmacies have walk up appointments for vaccines. Many offices are also trying to find other ways for people to obtain the flu shot. Some medical groups have discussed arranging outdoor and drive up vaccination clinics in an effort to make them more attainable to everyone. 

While it can be difficult to distinguish if your symptoms are from a cold or the flu, this infographic and webpage from Families Fighting Flu help to guide you. The stories on their website share pictures and information about families who have been impacted by the flu. Latasha Hayes was 34 years old when she was diagnosed with pneumonia and congestive heart failure brought on by influenza. Her initial symptoms included a persistent cough, continuous exhaustion, and no appetite. As her symptoms continued, she went to urgent care as well as the hospital. After waking up with labored breathing and pain, she went back to the emergency room and more tests were done. Her condition quickly deteriorated, and she was close to death. While she has reclaimed much of her health, she continues to have lasting medical conditions. Her experience has made her appreciate her health even more and advocate for obtaining the flu vaccination annually. 

At Cold FAid®, our aim is for you and your family to stay happy and healthy by preventing the flu. Text COLDFAID to 47177 to sign up for personalized reminders to get your annual flu vaccine. Help protect yourself and your loved ones this season! 


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