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Every Vote Counts

Every Vote Counts

Election Day, November 3rd, is coming up quickly. This day of civic duty is essential for and foundational to our democracy. The pandemic has brought a whole host of concerns about the important upcoming election. Between mail-in voting and voter fraud, discussions about the election have flooded the news cycle. 

During an interview with NPR, Kim Wehle, author of What You Need To Know About Voting And Why, discussed some of the biggest misconceptions about voting. Studies have shown that voter fraud is not as common as reported. Due to the pandemic, mailing in votes has become a topic of discussion, Kim Wehle reported that areas that previously mailed in votes had higher voter turnout. 

According to the  New York Times article about mail-in voting, 76% of Americans will be eligible to mail-in vote this year. While some states have made temporary changes to voting regulations, other states, including New York, are still requiring explained excuses for absentee voting. However, days ago, NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo made sweeping election changes to allow voters to receive absentee ballots due to the risk of COVID for themselves or to others. The article, Where Americans Can Vote by Mail in the 2020 Election, states that 57% of states allow absentee ballots, 21% of states mail ballots for all residents, and 22% of states require excuses. Check out the absentee and early voting laws in your state. In-person early voting is available. One can also choose to drop off ballots at their local election office, polling place, or dropbox. If choosing to mail in your vote, make sure to mail it early to allow plenty of time for it to arrive. 

 With political party conventions ongoing and candidates lined up, citizens need to take the time to research each politician to see which one aligns with one's values. Looking into candidates, especially in local elections, is essential as these people will make a huge difference in your community. 

Your vote matters. This election season, make sure your voice is heard. Explore Vote.org to check your registration, register to vote, or request an absentee ballot. 

Cold FAid®️ supports the health of our communities and our nation...please vote.  


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