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Effectively Working from Home

Effectively Working from Home

When the pandemic began, lives as we had known them altered. Schools and businesses closed. People and students were being told to work from home. Almost 7 months in, many are still working or learning from their own home. Using effective strategies when at home is essential to creating a healthy work and home life balance.

Workspace- To begin, creating a work space is essential to avoid distractions and have a space to leave work behind at the end of the day. Jill Duffy’s article suggests ideas for creating an effective working environment. In order to avoid slouching, prop your laptop on items around your space or laptop risers. Looking into obtaining a monitor may also be an effective solution. To support your lower back while sitting, place a pillow behind your back in a chair may help with posture while working. This article from the NY Magazine offers links to laptop risers or other work from home accessories that are recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists. 

Routines- A Good Housekeeping article by Lexie Sachs recommends finding a schedule that works for you and keeping that schedule. Throughout the day, make sure to take breaks. Sticking to breaks will help you be more focused during work times. While it can seem more productive to multitask and complete chores throughout the day, ensure that the chores are not serving as a distraction from work. Throw in a load of laundry or wash the dishes during a break. 

Movement- Getting fresh air by opening windows and taking short walks is essential when spending more time indoors. As one is likely no longer commuting and walking around an office, make sure to continue to move throughout the day. Penn Medicine recommends moving for a few minutes each hour. Investing in a standing desk would help limit the amount of time sitting. Regularly stretch and move around to keep the blood flowing. Check out this resource from Penn Medicine for more ideas for incorporating movement into working from home. Additionally, Working solutions lists 5 exercises one can do at their desk. 

Connect- Continue to connect with colleagues. NBC News lists 10 ways to remain connected while working remotely. Video conferencing helps us feel united and can help when asking/answering questions. Schedule regular check-ins through phone or video conferencing with a coworker can help the conversation flow better than through an email. To keep up rapport virtually, schedule time with your boss weekly if possible to catch up. This will help you be proactive.

Here, at Cold FAid®️, we hope that you are able to maintain a healthy work and home life balance. This promotes your mental and physical wellbeing!


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