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COVID Silver Linings

COVID Silver Linings

Coronavirus has accentuated disparities throughout our nation causing uncertainties and uneasiness. While anxieties can run high right now, focusing on the silver linings during this challenging time is essential. 

Reaching out to friends and loved ones more consistently has become common. Sending messages, chatting over call or video, and playing virtual games are essential ways to remain connected within a social distancing world. From having outdoor happy hours six feet apart to video chat playdates for kids, people have gotten creative. These are ways to interact with others while still following CDC guidelines. Here is a list of games from the Washington Post to play over a video call. Families are able to spend more time connected with fewer obligations outside of the house. This leaves more opportunities for bonding. 

The environment has been positively impacted by the pandemic. Due to regulations to control the pandemic and halting life as we knew it, there has been a decrease in greenhouse emissions. Air quality has improved. While this is a good sign, the United Nations head of Environmental Programme warns that profound changes to current environmental systems are needed in order to help sustain progress. This may have been the push needed for more emphasis on clean energy in order to obtain healthier air.  

For college students, their lives have completely changed. Many are home completing schoolwork digitally. While there has been a learning curve for students and professors alike, some have found success within this remote learning environment. There are fewer peer distractions; directions may be clearer and are easily repeatable; other social obligations are minimal. This also may have provided them with more opportunities to bond with their family members or roommates. A message to all students: Regardless of opinions about distant learning, you are so close to being done with the spring semester. Keep up your stamina and crush it! 

We, at Cold FAid, hope you are taking the time to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Focus on the silver linings and the wonderful experiences ahead of us! 


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