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Celebrate Valentine's Day with a healthy you!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a healthy you!

With Valentine’s day coming up, February is the month where people take a moment to show their loved ones that they are thinking of them. Studies have shown connections between strong social support systems and healthy lives. Here are some ideas for ways to display your feelings for someone. 

Experiences Together 

While flowers, jewelry and gifts can show someone you care, creating an experience can provide memories to last a lifetime. Find a craft to complete together. In the evening, rent a car and watch the sunset. Take a cooking class, experience dance lessons, or learn a new musical instrument together. Become chefs and make a delicious dinner together. Here is a list of easy romantic dinners from Delish. 

Try visiting a local art, science, or history museum. Find a weekend to go hiking or camp. Explore a new brewery or winery. Grab a partner and see a musical or comedy special. Have a romantic movie night complete with wine and popcorn. A candy bar to add toppings to the popcorn can add a yummy twist. Here is the Rolling Stone’s list of the top romantic comedies of all times. 

Healthy Options 

Dark chocolate has lots of health benefits. One component of chocolate is flavanol, which protects the heart. It helps lower blood pressure and reduce the chance of diabetes in the long run. Dark chocolate also decreases hypertension and inflammation. Eating dark chocolate daily in moderation, which is about 6 grams or 1-2 squares, was shown to decrease risk of heart disease and mortality based on observational studies. Here is a link to an article that illustrates other health benefits of dark chocolate. 

Keeping your loved ones healthy is easier with Cold FAid! Cold FAid uses a research-based strategy and 4 over-the-counter medications. This helps to lessen the duration and severity of colds. You will not have to interrupt your special day with a trip to the pharmacy as Cold FAid delivers right to your doorstep. In tandem, use the Cold FAid app to receive notifications about what medication to take and when. The app also allows you to track symptoms, warning signs, and navigation to local pharmacies, student health, and urgent care centers. Check out this blog from Blonde Charm to read her review of Cold FAid. 

For the month of February, all kits are on sale for 50% off! This automatic discount will help you keep your loved ones healthy and happy for the second peak of the cold season (January to April). 

Roses are red, Violets are blue; Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with a healthy you! 


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