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Caring for Yourself while Social Distancing

Caring for Yourself while Social Distancing

Due to the pandemic, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with stress and anxious. It is important to take time and to care for yourself. 

Limit your daily intake of the news and social media sites. Being social with family and friends is still important. Reach out and reconnect with old friends. Use FaceTime, Google Meet, or Zoom to see people you care about. Here is a list of games you can play over video chats. Start a virtual book club and meet to discuss a book with friends. Sit outside or play games in a yard. Spending time outside has been found to help improve mental health in numerous studies.

Exercise is essential as a way to practice self care. There are ways to practice social distancing while staying active. Follow these guidelines from REI. Going on a walk or run is a great solo activity. Spend time outside and go for a hike. Download the Nike training app and try one of the hundreds of workouts available. Explore exercises on Youtube. Here is a list of the 41 best workouts compiled by Women’s Health Magazine. Yoga and meditation have been practiced throughout history. While meditation focuses on strengthening your mind, yoga increases flexibility and endurance. Meditation has also been found to help relieve stress and anxiety. Together both of these can benefit your overall wellness. 

When working, take a break several times a day. Forbes compiled a list of 10 self care tips that you can start immediately. Using the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 coping technique can be beneficial for anyone. Focusing on your 5 senses can help you feel grounded. See 5 things and concentrate on them, touch 4 things, hear 3 things, smell 2 things, and taste 1 thing. Concentrate here and now. Make taking time for yourself a priority in order to stay healthy. 

At Cold FAid, we are wishing you and your loved ones well in this stressful time.


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