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Benefits of Pumpkin

Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkins are an iconic symbol of fall. Pumpkin spice is a common additive to beverages, bakery items, and recipes galore in the fall. Pumpkins are not only a gorgeous decoration, but they are also nutritious. 

An article in Women’s Health Magazine by Leah Fessler and Marissa Miller states the health benefits of a pumpkin. The produce most associated with Halloween, pumpkins, provide a great source for vitamin A. Vitamin A has been known to aid one’s vision if deficient. Pumpkin is a great additive to any meal, whether you want to try a new addition to soup, pastas, or pastries. Country Living composed a list of 40+ healthy recipes. Explore recipes that incorporate pumpkin into your food rotation!

Pumpkins are also a classic fall decoration. Whether including live or fake pumpkins into decor, they can be a great touch of fall. Check out these 25 tips from HGTV to find creative ways to decorate with pumpkins. 

To find local farms near you, enter your location into the USDA’s website and find a local farmer’s market. Follow Good Housekeeping’s guide to picking and storing fall produce in order to best keep them fresh. 

Eating pumpkins can help by adding more nutrients to your meals, while pumpkin decor can liven your mood. Here, at Cold FAid®, we hope you stay healthy by eating well! 


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