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4 Ways to Embrace Fall

4 Ways to Embrace Fall


September 22 was the first day of fall and with the new season comes new opportunities! Check out these ways to spice up your fall. 

  • Apples, pumpkins and squashes, oh my!

Fall is a great time to try new recipes. With squash season coming, find new ways to incorporate spaghetti squash or acorn squash into your meals. Check out this site to find how to make apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies quickly and easily in a microwave--perfect for dorm room cooking!

  • Fun fall festivities to try.  

Farmers’ Markets, Oktoberfest, and football games provide several opportunities for weekend adventures. Markets are a great way to get fresh/seasonal fruits and vegetables while helping out local businesses. Try a new soap, buy fresh cheese, or beautiful sunflowers. Discover a local Oktoberfest and have fun at the festival with friends. Otherwise, tailgate and then cheer on your college’s football team! 

  • Take a hike...literally.

Explore locals trails and embrace nature. Hikes help you stay healthy by getting you active as well as reducing stress levels. This leads to better mental and physical health. Locate local trails near you through this website

  • Fall out of your cold.

Got a runny nose, cough, or congestion? School assignments, midterms, work, sports, organizations, volunteering, and internships can cause stress. With lowered immune systems, colds are right around the corner. By using Cold FAid™, you can target all the major cold symptoms using a research based strategy and four over-the-counter medications. The kit has everything you need without going to the pharmacy. Additionally, the Cold FAid™ app helps you manage what medications to take and when. It also tracks your symptoms, records warning signs, and provides direction to the nearest student health or urgent care center. 

Have a fun, safe, and healthy fall! Got recommendations for fall activities? Share them with us on social media!


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