the inevitable college cold

the inevitable college cold

help it fade away with Cold FAid™,
first aid for the common cold


Get healthy. Faster.

all the essentials you need to help conquer the common cold quickly

Cold FAid™ Kit
  • Shorten your cold

    Zinc Gluconate, when started immediately with the first sign of a cold, has shown clinical benefit to reduce the length and severity of a cold.
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  • Decongest

    Decongestants act by constricting nasal blood vessels, thus relieving nasal/sinus congestion and sinus pressure. This opens the airway passages.
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  • Stop sneezing

    Antihistamines block histamine which is released with a cold. Histamine activates the sneeze reflex, inflames the nasal cavity, and causes allergy-like symptoms.
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  • Combat aches and fever

    Anti-inflammatories provide pain relief and fever reduction. They decrease the production of an inflammatory chemical called prostaglandin.
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  • College students experience up to twice as many colds.

    College students experience up to twice as many colds.

    College life presents a challenge for staying healthy. The close proximity of students creates a “hot bed” for the spreading of infections. Factors such as stress, sleep deprivation, poor eating habits, excessive alcohol intake, and smoking are leading contributors to the high number of cases.

    College students experience up to twice as many colds.
  • Cold FAid™

    Cold FAid™

    Be prepared! This college essential provides critical early treatment beginning at the first sign of a cold. This kit uses:
    ⦁ single-ingredient medications to only treat active symptoms
    ⦁ available long-acting medications to reduce frequency of dosing

    We sincerely hope that you are feeling better soon!

    Cold FAid™

Cold FAid™ App

Partnering with the Cold FAid™ kit, the Cold FAid™ app is key to managing your recovery.
Benefit from these core features:
Symptom Tracker
Record your daily symptoms
Notifications & Strategy
Activate and know WHAT medications to take WHEN
Locate your nearest pharmacy and student health/urgent care centers
Share Data
Send your symptom and medication record to family or to your medical provider
Care Reminders
Get help with tips for a quick recovery, whether near or far from home

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Warning Sign Tracker
Optimize early detection of concerning signs and symptoms


Cold FAid™ helped reduce my cold symptoms, as well as the duration. The convenient packaging and easy to follow instructions helped me to know exactly which medication to take when. I would highly recommend keeping Cold FAid™ on hand!
My cold symptoms were minimized immediately. Cold FAid is a great combination of medications and instructions, what to take and when. Really effective!
While away at school, I received Cold FAid™ as a care package from a very dear friend. Everything was so thoughtfully put together, from the detailed directions and strategy for fighting a cold and the thorough information on symptoms and effective treatments, to the handy first aid packaging. I know I'm well prepared to fight my next cold thanks to Cold FAid™!
I am absolutely delighted that you thought of this!! (Our daughter) will take it with her on every road trip for sure!! You are easing the minds of lots of moms with kids (young adults) away from home!! You should sleep well at night!!😊 Thank you!!
My daughter downloaded the Cold FAid app the other day, and it instructed her to seek medical attention. Turns out after only four days of feeling sick, she had a double ear infection and a sinus infection! We are Cold FAid fans!!
Wow! Easiest cold ever. The product addressed my symptoms and allowed me to avoid downtime. Impressive.